The Webdock Affiliate program is free to join for anybody who has at least one channel and an audience that is aligned with our brand. Channels include, but are not limited to, Comparison Websites, Websites in general, YouTube, podcasts, and blogs. All affiliates must create an account through this management system.

How does the Affiliate Program work?
  1. You send a potential customer our way with your unique affiliate link and they will show up in our system under Leads
  2. If the customer signs up at any point within 2 months, you will see the customer signup show up under Conversions
  3. As time goes by we run a job daily which determines the customer monthly value at the current point in time and which you can keep an eye on on the Conversions page.
  4. Then, every month, we look back 2 months and "lock-in" the customer value and generate a Payout to you the affiliate which you can see on the Payouts page, based on the customer value as it is seen by us. For a concrete example, see the section below.

You can also request custom coupon codes (contact our Affiliate Program Manager) in order to hand out free credit to potential customers. If customers sign up and use your coupon code, we will also count these as qualified leads.

What are the Reward Tiers?

Your reward tiers are as follows:

Rank Condition Payout
1 Customer monthly value less than 0 € EUR 0 € per signup
2 Customer monthly value less than 2 € EUR 2 € per signup
3 Customer monthly value less than 5 € EUR 5 € per signup
4 Customer monthly value less than 10 € EUR 10 € per signup
5 Customer monthly value less than 20 € EUR 20 € per signup
6 Customer monthly value less than 30 € EUR 30 € per signup
9 All Other > 51 € EUR 60 € per signup
7 Customer monthly value less than 40 € EUR 40 € per signup
8 Customer monthly value less than 50 € EUR 50 € per signup
Can you clarify / give me an example of when and how I could get paid?

As an example, let's say you sent us 300 clicks in the month of January, of which 30 users signed up for an account with us. 2 months later, or on the 1st of each month we run our commissions job. Meaning at April 1st we would then evaluate the signups for January and look at how much they are individually worth in monthly revenue to us at that point in time.

At which time we would create your Payout in the Affiliate system. You will be notified by email and requested to send us an invoice for the due Reward Amount and we would process your payment once we receive your invoice.

This system is beneficial to you as customers tend to become more valuable over time. In this fashion we can be sure we are not paying for leads which do not generate any revenue for Webdock and we ensure that we provide fair and consistent rewards to our affiliates.

How will I get paid?

You will be paid for any new customer you refer who remains a paying Webdock customer for at least 60 days as listed in the table above. Affiliates will receive payouts attributed to the affiliate through their preferred payment method specified in our system. We always require you send us an invoice for the amount owed for bookkeeping purposes.

Currently we can pay you with Paypal or Wire Transfer / SEPA payment.

Who should I address my invoice to?

Please make out your invoice for any payments from us to: ApS
VAT-ID: DK40630015
Grønnegyden 2, 5466 Asperup

And send it to

Please note: Your invoice should not contain any added sales tax unless you are in Denmark. If you are within the EU, please remember to state your own VAT ID on the invoice.

You have a 3 month window to invoice us: Please send an invoice as soon as you can once we notify you. 3 months after your payment has been locked in, we will no longer honor the payment and the payment will be listed as "cancelled" in your dashboard.

Need help or further information?

Please be in touch with our Affiliate Program Manager